Back on the Campaign Trail

Beginning today, I’m about to put myself through 8 separate Ballots in order to be re-elected to the Standing Committee of the ASTI. Those are the hoops, I must jump.
It’s hearteningly democratic, everybody turns up at their branch, fills in a ballot, puts it in an envelope, signs an outer envelope and it’s all transmitted to Head Office ASAP.
Notwithstanding the necessity of doing it this way, it gives me an interesting insight into political activism of a sort we don’t often experience, being the one with his head poking up out of the trench.
Ringing, writing, texting, Facebook, twitter, visiting, you go after votes whatever way you can. And the promises made, by voters (and candidate). It increases your admiration for them, but shows you too how even a little power needs to be carefully won and used.
And, of course, I LOVE elections! Being the candidate is great: the electoral rolls, the ballot papers, the returning officers, the voters who won’t meet your gaze, I could get high on democracy!
So, (here’s the plug) if you’re an ASTI member in New Ross, Enniscorthy, Wexford or Waterford get to the Ballot, exercise your franchise and vote for the right candidate…



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