A teacher is born

I have taken a breather from twitter for a while. With good reason. Something that doesn’t happen that often (only for the third time for me) has stopped everything. I’m not in school, I’m not tweeting, not reading much. In the midst of times when we’ve been reminded of how children’s lives are precious beyond belief we’ve had a third daughter. She’s as beautiful as her mother, and alert as her two big sisters and has only 24 hours after she was born burrowed herself into our hearts.
The birth of a child makes a husband appreciate his wife in ways words cannot express, the birth of a daughter brings out the guardian in a father, the birth of a third daughter gets you thinking. I’ve learned more from my first two girls than I ever will in a classroom or online. So Nora is my newest teacher, she’ll teach me to be more patient, stop me when I’m prattling on about some castle or other, ask the questions I don’t want to answer and answer the questions I wouldn’t dare ask. My newest teacher.



7 thoughts on “A teacher is born

  1. I wish everyone in the whole world would read this post 🙂 It is gorgeous. PS you look like a real Dad in the picture 🙂 Happy Christmas to you all

  2. Fintan that is just gorgeous. Huge congratulations to you and your family on the safe arrival of baby Nora. What a wonderful name:). Wishing you all the very best christmas and a very happy and peaceful new year x

  3. Just found your blog. Great blogpost on the birth on your daughter. A Christmas baby is the best present. My wife and I have three boys, so we can’t really compare notes. Still, I’m a teacher like yourself and I too have been blogging. Keep up the good work.

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