What’s to celebrate on World Teachers’ Day?


Saturday is World Teachers’ Day. We should celebrate on Friday and through the whole weekend. Why? When education is reputed to be ‘in crisis’ worldwide, when destruction is dressed up as reform, when change is made for its own sake, and when schools are being blamed for every ill society throws up, what’s to celebrate?
Well, every time you cross the threshold of your classroom you have the power to change someone’s life.
Every time you plan and execute a class and a lightbulb goes off in a kids head you are just doing your job, but what a job!
Every time you make a kid think they might know something they didn’t know when they walked through that door you are improving that life.
And every time a student comes back to thank you, you know that moment will keep you going for another few years.
So no matter what they say don’t ever be ashamed of your profession, don’t ever be afraid to shout ‘I’m a teacher!’, don’t ever forget that you make a difference.

You count, you matter because you teach!

Take the weekend off!

Cake credit: thetwistedsifter.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/teachers-appreciation-cake/


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