The 39 Learning Outcomes for Teachers

Here's something my TUI colleague and fellow English teacher Liz Farrell sent me, it's worth a read:

The 39 Learning Outcomes for Teachers
Strand 1
Classroom Work
1. Planning , link 39 learning outcomes with 24 statements of learning keeping the 6 key skills in mind.
2. Increased workload. In First Year now I must cover a studied novel, with on going sustained reading of novels throughout the year. A variety of drama extracts, a variety of non literary texts including texts in oral format. A number of short stories, at least 10 poems. Too broad, how many?
3. Must ensure school buys one text book, three sets of novels, one set of drama texts and one workbook.
4. Must up skill in order to use Animoto, Padlet etc. Must ensure access to Computer Room at least once a week.
5. Must up skill on methodologies. Need to find out how to implement meaningful group-work.
6. Must find out how to teach a novel in three weeks.
7. Ensure Literacy and Numeracy are addressed in all classes, along with group-work techniques, learning outcomes, objectives and homework given and corrected.
8. Re arrange furniture to facilitate meaningful discussion. Return furniture for next class.
9. Ensure critical evaluation occurs in classes.try not to teach from the top. Remember students learn from each other.
10. Try not to worry about 2nd and 3rd Year. Keep focused on First Year.
11. Develop strategies to alleviate the transition from Primary to Post Primary. Liaise with Primary school, read Sten tests, alter teaching suitably.
12. Profile all First Years, collate data, adapt teaching to assist.
13. Tick all relevant boxes, daily.

Strand 2. Homework
1. Correct homework, correct edited homework, correct final homework. Return, repeat, store.
2. Give meaningful feedback .
3. Prepare a grammar booklet.
4. Teach oral skills. Google how to teach oral skills.
5. Up skill regarding AFL techniques.
6. Download digital material, multi modal material for use in class. Ensure access weekly to Computer Room, data projector, speakers. Buy external hard drive.
7. Ask an IT savvy friend to advise how best to by pass restrictions on the web in school in order to access YouTube etc.
8. Co ordinate classroom activities so students learn to engage in extended and meaningful discussion of their own and others work.
9. Find and collate a range of reading comprehensions including digital texts.
10. Find ways to ensure engagement in sustained private reading as a pleasurable activity.
11. Ensure students can write competently in a variety of forms, letter, report, multi modal text, review, blog, using appropriate vocabulary, tone and a variety of styles.
12. Ensure students respond imaginatively in writing.
13. Study film, develop rationale for teaching, prepare class.

Strand 3. Assessment

1. Gain access to Computer Room for three weeks to prepare for Oral Component, in order that the research mark can be allocated.
2. Video all students in 2nd Year before Christmas.
3. Bring video home for Christmas, watch, mark over Christmas holidays.
4. Present video to School Moderator, allow her assess. Discuss anomalies in marking!
5. Ensure Portfolio is completed, corrected. Select piece for assessment. Justify my reasoning with students.
6. Grade Portfolio Work according to marking scheme.
7. Repeat point 4.
8. Compare results with Sten tests, standardised tests etc.
9. Meet again with Moderator to ensure National Standards are maintained.
10. Store all data somewhere. Hope and pray results are in line with other schools in the ETB.
11. Try to do Instructional Leadership course to assist with AFL, Group-work, methodologies, pedagogical changes etc.
12. Check email to see have the CPD providers,( JCT English) responded to my email for assistance dated April 2014. And it wasn't sent on the 1st!
13. Tick boxes 1-39, Subject Plan completed. Feel smug momentarily. Then edit…..

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