Reads of the Week #14

Six things I read this week that you should have a look at. 

First Sapuran Gill says ‘there’s no silver bullet to succeeding in the classroom; however, you can do the basics well, and year-by-year you’ll see the small steps that you take gather pace’ here.

Next teacher David Mooney on the Marriage Referendum: ‘I’m 30 and for as long as I can remember there have been people telling me that I cannot be fully me; people who have put limitations on me being me. So once more; I’m asking you to please just let me be. Let me love. Let me commit. Let me feel supported. Let me be equal. Let me be a husband. Let me be a Dad.’ here.

Andy Warner argues for traditional teaching methods: ‘over the last few years there has been far too much emphasis on having busy, noisy classrooms where students are doing lots. This has its place, but it mustn’t be at the expense of quiet reflection time’ here.

Mary Ann Reilly writes here on love loss and remembering, this will touch a chord with anyone who ever grieved. 

By coincidence, I recommend you read Mark Wisniewski on channeling grief into art here.

And finally for a mixture of fun and the truth about love’s uncertainty here’s Laura Olin. 

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