Reads of the Week #16

The first choice this week is from the Fighting Words project: this is Write a Girl by Siobhán Walsh, aged 12 
Next is Patrick Freyne reviewing Criminal Minds, but getting sidetracked into Magnum PI’s shorts, he’s funny every week but this is very, very good. 
I wrote a few years ago about the way finishing school is such a defining moment for teachers and students, Kenny Pieper comes to the same conclusions here

Reading is an English teachers business, Hugh McGuire writes about how little we read now and how to fix that in this piece

If you follow me on Twitter, you know my views on the imminent referendum. One of the best things written about voting yes is by Una Mullally who wrote this week I think about how if we live in a republic we have a responsibility to be inclusive. Read it here

Finally and simply, though with a moving sincerity John Hurley writes on just what schools are for in this blogpost

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And the archive on previous posts is here  

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