Reads of the Week #25

A bumper crop this week as we were away on holidays in Dingle.
First, the Key to Leadership is running and a good meeting and understanding that leaders and managers are not the same thing.

Metaphor is not the sole preserve of Shakespearean scholarship or high literary endeavour but has governed how we think about and describe our daily lives for centuries, according to researchers at Glasgow University.

Niall Murray in the Irish Examiner has written a brilliant summary of what’s wrong with special education provision in Ireland.

Pushing responsibility down the hierarchy makes for better organisations, including schools.

There’s no denying that had he been alive today, Orwell – the great opponent and satirist of totalitarianism – would have deplored the bureaucratic repression of HR.

Mary Ann Reilly shared this beautiful poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca: I Am Offering this Poem.

This is most honest writing about the loss of a child I’ve read, heartbreaking and raw.

For historians: The Fall and Rise and Fall of Pompeii.

And finally, the flipping Evolution of Profanity.

Here are all my reads of the week and this is the archive


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