Reads of the Week #26

Loretta Young made her name in Classic Hollywood as a great beauty — and for the cover-up of one of the industry’s greatest scandals: concealing a child, born out of wedlock, with Clark Gable, one of the era’s biggest stars. It wasn’t until recently that even Young learned the right words for what she’d been hiding for decades.

Is there such a thing as a natural teacher?

Poem of the week is To Helen About Her Hair by Robinson Jeffers.

A close reading of the first line of To Kill a Mockingbird from Book Riot.

 Thom Hickey wrote this and I liked it a lot: Paul Simon, John Gorka, Seamus Heaney, Slievenamon & My Dad.

Dianne Murphy asks: English or SEN? Does it really matter who manages the delivery of a reading intervention?

Michael Taft goes through some of the main spending and tax features to see just how much of a challenge we would face in moving towards the Nordic Model.

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