Reads of the Week #49

I seem to have misplaced the woman I know I must have been. I’m writing this here as I don’t want to forget this later–to gloss over it. What gets lost and found is important: Mary Ann Reilly: Slice of Life: Lost/Loss

The rules are clear: on escalators, you stand on the right and walk on the left. So why did the London Underground ask grumpy commuters to stand on both sides? And could it help avert a looming congestion crisis? The tube at a standstill

There are people who still blame Ted Hughes for the suicide of his wife Sylvia Plath: Stephanie Johnson reviews Sir Jonathan Bate’s biography of Ted Hughes, a forensic account of his doomed marriage to poet Sylvia Plath

From megastars who don’t want a media scrum to those who just don’t want their last days tainted, there can be many reasons for keeping a fatal diagnosis secret – but for those left behind, it can make a death even harder to bear. 

I believe that those who care the most are actually the ones that do the difficult things rather than the ones that make a public song and dance about how sorry they feel for certain children. Why I haven’t got time to wallow in emotion from The Quirky Teacher. 

We should be wary of taking a school culture off the shelf, or simply buying in products that have worked in shiny schools down the road because they promise to solve and satisfy us: Alex Quigley on The Importance of School Culture.

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