Reads of the Week #51

This week there’s grief, storytelling, education, history, arguing, teachers, y’know: the usual stuff.

Harry Arter interviewed about the devastation he and his fiancee Rachel suffered after the loss of their daughter and how it is the driving force behind his every performance.

John Yorke in The Atlantic: From Avatar to The Wizard of Oz, Aristotle to Shakespeare, there’s one clear form that dramatic storytelling has followed since its inception.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic on fads in education: All is clock! 

‘Irish slaves’: the convenient myth by Liam Hogan, tireless on challenging the myth around this subject.

Even if you beat me: Sally Rooney on the strangely addictive world of student debating

What could be more suspicions than teachers who just wants to be teachers? Asks Carl Hendrick.
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