Reads of the Week #56

I’ve been going through old tweets this week, so some of these choices are from the past few months. I lament the change of ‘favourite’ to ‘like’ on twitter: something I favourite for future reading isn’t always something I like. So. Education, History, sport and swimming across New York City.

First Alex Quigley on why whole-school literacy programmes are doomed. Interesting reading given the rush to reconfigure Irish education to address a panic over PISA scores. I wrote about that here.

Geoff Barton is mentioned in my first choice and he wrote the second: Teachers , you’ve earned your right to a guilt-free holiday. No further explanation needed there!

This is a fascinating read from RTE about four Early Christian manuscripts recently restored at Trinity College Dublin: Meet the Ancestors of the Book of Kells.

This is a brilliant contextualisation of Conor McGregor in Irish sport by the always thought provoking Dave Hannigan: Race to the Bottom.

Dwight Garner got to attempt to recreate John Cheever’s short story The Swimmer (read it here) by swimming around New York City’s luxury hotel pools. Tough gig!


Podcast of the Week is The Trials of Dan and Dave from ESPN Films 30 for 30 about the Decathlon, advertising and ultimate redemption is fascinating.

Picture of the Week is Girl in Red Kimono by Georges Hendrik Breitner that I saw here first. Beautiful.











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